Custom Sewn Toys, Stuffed Animals & Holiday Decorations

Repair or Duplicate Toys, Stuffies & Holiday Decorations

There’s probably nothing worse than ripping, tearing or (gasp) losing your child’s favorite stuffed animal.  Blue Thimble Sewing to the rescue.  If its broken or torn,  it can be easily mended, restuffed and made good as new.  If it’s missing!? (Heartbreak)  Do you have a picture of it?  You do!?  Great- Let’s work with that picture to re-create your child’s favorite stuffie.  Maybe the original can never be replaced- but the stuffies’ brother or sister will happily show up to the rescue.

Blue Thimble Sewing can do the same for your favorite holiday decoration.  Broken or damaged ornament?  Blue Thimble Sewing to the rescue.  Call now (434) 922-1229


Who needs Toys-R-Us ? …


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